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Mike: thank you so much, you have been great. Alfred (NY)

Thanks Mike on my purchase of the 1963 Corvette. Good to deal with a honest man ! Makes me feel good about the car. Bill (FL)

God bless you for helping me on my purchase. Good luck with everything. Antonino (NB)

Thank You Michael, can't wait to get it delivered !! Tyrone (FL)

Thanks again for your help!! Xavier (TX)

We got her delivered this morning. No problems and we are very happy!! Thank You for your help! Dave ( PA )

Thank You for finding our 1975 Corvette convertible !!!! Rebecca (FL)

Thanks for your help on my purchase of the 1975 Corvette !! Alberto ( FL )

Thanks so much Mr Mike !! Joe (MS)

Mike: Awesome, so excited !! Again I thank you for your patience on working with me. Can't wait for that car man !! Scott  (S.C. ) 

Mike: thank you for your help, this car is really 100% like mine when I was 18 years old !! So nice to turn time back! Best Regards, Dominique, (Belgium)

Mike: thanks for all your help !! Glenn  (SC)

Mike: thanks again on my 2014 Corvette purchase!! Mike (FL)

Mike: driver just called and delivering Corvette tonight!! Think I'm going to sleep in it tonight!! Thanks again for all your help. Ed  ( FL )

Mike: thanks again for taking the time to show us the Corvette, it seems one of the better ones I have seen. Again , thanks working with us thru the process of the purchase. Lewis/Mary (Ontario)

Mike: I have good memories about you and your shop when I came in 3 years ago. I appreciate that very much !! Lionel  (France)

Mike: hopefully we can meet up one day!! Thanks again for your help! Come home to Daddy !! Tim. (IL)

Thank you for finding my 1955 BelAir !! Ricardo. (FL)

Thanks again Mike for your help on the 1998 Corvette Pace Car !! I will remember you for future puchases, and will refer you to my friends looking for Corvettes. John. (FL)

Mike: car made it here!!! Thank you for dealing with me. I have so many club members that can not wait to see the car !! Howard ( PA )

Thanks Mike for everything that you have done on finding my 72 Corvette !! If anything that I can do to recommend you and your business to new customers, I would be happy to do it! I'll be back for another classic purchase in the future. Marc. ( FL )

Thanks Mike for the 1972 Corvette !! Steve/Shirley  (NC)

Thanks again Mike, can't wait to see my girl when it's off the truck, and helping me find my dream car 1972 Corvette !! Mark  (DE)

I'm very happy with the 1971 Corvette !!! Thanks again, Christian (FL)

Thanks for working with me on the purchase on 1969 Corvette. Tony (CA)

Thanks Mike for the 1975 Corvette !!! Norm. (FL)

Hey Mike, car looks good !! Thank You very Much. Ed  (NY)

Thanks again Mike, it's time for me to get to know her !!! Johnny    (Quebec)

Mike: car looks better in person, as you stated. Very pleased!! Thanks, Jimmy (TX)

Thanks again and looking forward to future deals !! Reif. (FL)

Time to bring her back to the Midwest, where she belongs !!! Thanks for everything !   Naum ( IN)

We sure are excited about getting this beauty to it's new home !! Thank You, Dan and Sandy (IA)

Thanks again for everything !! Dan (IA)

Thanks again for the 63 Corvette. Enjoyed meeting with you! Kurt (FL)

Thanks again Mr Mike on helping me on the 1981 Corvette purchase !! My Dallas Cowboy Corvette !! Anthony (LA)

Thanks again Mike on the 1954 Corvette purchase. Ron (FL)

Mike: thanks again on our 1964 Corvette purchase!! Looking forward to driving with the top down !! Ken (FL)

Thanks for working with Mike thru this Corvette purchase !! Bill ( FL )

Mike: thanks for all your help, nice and easy transaction for both of us! I love it !! Rick (British Columbia, Canada)

Thanks again Mike, appreicate your help with the 70 Corvette. George (FL)

Mike: thanks again for the sale of the 1970 Corvette Coupe. Will do more business in the future!! Christophe (France)

Mike: thanks for helping us purchase the 1966 Corvette!!  Thanks, Bob/Joyce (PA)

Hi Mike: Nice chatting with you, and we are excited about purchasing the 1960 Corvette. Appreciate your help and looking forward to the future purchases. Thanks, Scott (Minnesota )

Mike: thanks again for helping on the purchase of the 1966 Corvette!!  Edward    ( New York )

Mike: Thanks with the purchase of the 1962 Corvette !!! Buddy is looking forward enjoying it. Sherrill/Buddy (Florida)

Mike: thanks working with me on finding/purchasing my 1978 Corvette Pace Car, had one in the past and now have found another just like it!! Thanks again, Matt ( Florida )

Mike: I really like the car !! been searching and looking at several 69-74s.I'm exicted to get the car and enjoy it! Thank you for working with me on seeing the car, and getting deal done!! Drew (Kansas)

Mike: great meeting you and working with me on the purchase of the 1956 Corvette!! Appreciate you making it happen with the transaction, and look forward with the 56 Corvette. Ray ( Virginia)

Mike: appreciate everything you did for our 1975 Corvette purchase. We look forward with driving it to the shows. Frank ( Florida)

Mike: thanks for everything !! Michael ( Wyoming )

Hi Mike: thanks for the pics and video, I like what I see. Looks like what I'm looking for, let make a deal!!! Can't wait it get it here. Mike ( Oklahoma )

Mike: thanks for showing and selling the 1972 Corvette to me. Joe. ( South Carolina )

Mike:  I appreciate your patience on working thru the sale of the 61 Corvette. I can't wait to give to my wife, will send pictures when arrived. Thanks, Dan   (Iowa). PS:my wife loves the car !!!!

Mike: thanks for your help on finding the 1964 Corvette coupe !!! Best Regards, Brian                     ( Pennsylvania )

Mike:Thanks again for your valuable coop ! Christophe   ( France )

Thanks for the 1975 Corvette !!!!   Karol/Rick. (Florida)

Thanks Mike, quality Vettes,passion, and gentleman. Lionel  ( France )

Thanks again for all your help, it's been a pleasure working with you, and will take good care of the 57 Bird!!! William ( Florida )

Appreciate your help on finding my 1962 Corvette. Will keep you in mind for future. Joerg ( Germany )

Thanks again for the 1972 Corvette convertible !! Marc (France)

Mike: I'm a proud Papa with a new baby!! Thanks so much for everything! I'm very happy with the deal! Kip (Florida )

Will keep you in mind for future purchase!!! Thanks, Phil  (Tennessee)

Thanks again on the 67 Corvette,  Steve    (Pennsylvania)

Mike: I hope we will have more deals in the future. Thank You, Uwe ( Germany)

Many thanks for my 1982 Corvette Collector Edition, and will keep you in mind for future purchases. Miguel (Spain)

Thanks again for your assistance with my 1962 Corvette project! Gary  ( California )

Enjoyed meeting you and the sale of the 1971 Corvette convertible!!! Thanks, The Reaves (North Carolina )

Thanks Mike, if I'm looking for another Corvette, I'm coming your way!!! Jim ( California)

Enjoyed dealing with you on purchase of the 1975 Corvette convertible. Thanks!! Phil (Tennessee)

Appreciate the purchase of the 1969 Corvette!!!! Chris ( Alaska )

Want you to know your a stand up guy, and that's hard to find in this day and age, and would have no problem referring you and your dealership to prospective customers. Take care and happy selling. Mark ( Oregon )

Car arrived tonight, and I am very pleased with it. The 1980 Corvette quality level is as you described.  My neighbors have stopped by with their Corvettes/and other performance cars, and love the car. I appreciate your patience through the overall process. Thanks, Mark  (Texas)